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Monday, April 22nd 2013, 8:58pm

Timeshifting Needs Feedback from you, Translators!!

Hi! I posted this on facebook but considering that many don't use it, here is the same help request. Please give feedback on this issue:

I am Timeshifting the Zday 2013 presentation from Matt Berkowitz,
this string is 87 characters, a bit long to fit the translations in 2 lines on screen.
If I split it in 2 smaller strings, or move text to the strings before and
after, it messes up the reading harmony. How would you solve this in
your translation?

00:08:11,256 --> 00:08:15,465 "The hate-filled
anti-TZM sites out there provide a number of humorous examples of this,

a) Remove the "of this" and "a number" would still keep the meaning
b) Move text to other strings in the English transcript; it won't make a difference for the translations
c) There are ways of saying the same in my language and using less characters, so it will be ok
d) I would open an exception and let the text occupy 3 lines on screen
Any other options?

Your feedback is very important since we use the same transcript and synchronize it for all languages. Therefore, it is important that the transcript has the best quality that will serve everyone for the best translations.

Have fun ; )
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Tuesday, April 23rd 2013, 2:22pm


If there is not enough reading time to divide it into two short 2-second strings (The hate-filled anti-TZM sites out there // provide a number of humorous examples of this,), I personally would leave it as a whole string because it makes sense as a whole string and it's not too long.

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