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Thursday, December 26th 2013, 7:59pm

Tool to read+translate PDFs

Hi! : )
I was wondering if there is such a tool where we can comfortably read a book in PDF but easily translate any paragraph while doing it. We could share links of great books for people to read and at the same time, if the process of translation is practical and is in the same tool, many people could take the step to translate some parts while reading. If this tool allows also for it to be online and shared for collaboration, even better.

Why this idea?
There is a collaboration to review the english text of The Tyranny of Words, by Stuart Chase, which is in OCR format, taken from a PDF image using ABBY Fine Reader. The file is in a dropbox so several people can participate and save the same file. If I could easily translate while reading and reviewing the english, I would do it. But ABBY Fine Reader doesn't seem to allow for such feature. Any ideas of how this could be done? Google Translator Toolkit makes it practical for translation but not for reading, for example.
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Sunday, December 29th 2013, 6:18am

I love the idea, of course, but I have no idea if something like it exists outside of proprietary apps owned by someone who isn't sharing.

If/when we're able to put together a serious dev group, this will be one of the things we look into.
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