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Saturday, August 27th 2016, 12:29am



I would like to help with English transcription! Who could I contact to find out how to get started? I have some experience doing transcription from some time ago when I was assisting with research about how children learn scientific concepts. Conversations with students were recorded, and I transcribed those conversations. I also have some experience writing and proofreading letters at a previous job.

Thank you!


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Saturday, August 27th 2016, 10:05pm

Hello Angela, welcome aboard!

I Think @Mr_Z: will be able to assist you.


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Sunday, August 28th 2016, 8:23pm

Greetings Angela! And welcome to the family.

Yes, a good transcript is the foundation to a well-captioned video. So if we are really lucky, we get the original transcript from the actual speaker, but this is the exception. If not available, what I personally do is to work from youtube auto-translations as a base. Typically every YT vid has such auto-genned captions (seen by clicking the 'CC' button), and the clearer the speaker is with his/her English, the better the quality, albeit without sentence breaks (periods), punctuation and capitalization.

Anyway, from here, I use a free web tool like to pull the captions down into an SRT file on my local computer. Now some people might just massage the existing subs from there but I prefer to completely strip the subtitles and just render the underlying text into say a working Word document. It is here I go thru line by line and render the actual transcript, adding sentence breaks, punctuation and caps, and this is of course on top of fixing all the original auto-translator mistakes. Once complete, I now have a clean working transcript from which I can cut-paste the captions back into the vid following the LTI Guidelines and using my caption editing tool (my personal preference is Aegisub).

Finally, if the captions are NOT auto-genned by YouTube (no CC button), I've found that by downloading a copy of the vid using a tool like, then loading it back into youtube into my own personal channel, it usually triggers the auto-gen on this second copy within 15~30 minutes.

So, hopefully this all makes sense.


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