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[dotSUB Typo] Who is Jacque Fresco?

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Sunday, July 19th 2015, 7:55pm

Who is Jacque Fresco?

working location:

A social engineer is one who concerns himself with
social phenomenon; what makes people the way they are.
(Shouldn't it be "phenomena"?)

And we try to work out systems and communication
(What I hear and what makes more sense to me: "And we try to work out systems in communication")

for changing people in the shortest possible time;
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Friday, September 18th 2015, 2:06am

(Dang, once again the Alert feature stopped working on this Errors Forum! I will need to check it more often.)

I basically agree on both counts Ossi.

For the first one, listening very closely at elevated volume, I think Jacque does indeed say "phenomenon" but the correct usage is "phenomena" (plural) in the sentence. So I would be OK with changing that. The difference is barely audible either way.

For the second item, again listening intently, I think he does indeed say "systems in communication" (not "and"), and this does make more sense and context, so I approve of this fix as well.
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