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Thread: "Introduction"

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Post in thread: "[Italian Published] Documentario PoO"

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Thread: "[Norwegian Published] Teaching creativity - Jacque Fresco"

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Thread: "[French] Zeitgeist: Moving forward, conférence de presse [Closed]"

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Thread: "Introduction Bolelang"

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Post in thread: "[Reported] Charlie Chaplin- Zeitgeist Remix - audio claim"

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Forum: "Nieuwe vertalers (New Translators)"

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Forum: "中文 (Chinese) Team"

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Thread: "How to assign a hotkey to "Push-To-Talk" mode for microphone control in Teamspeak3 VOIP chat"

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Thread: "Dotsub repository"

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Thread: "[Spanish Proofreading 2] TVP on the idea of a research city"

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Thread: "[Bahasa Melayu Proofreading 1] The Venus Project - Introduction to a Resource Based Economy"

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Post in thread: "ሰላም!! እህት እና ወንድሞቼ! :)"

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Post in thread: "[ Open ] Jacque Fresco - No Utopia"

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