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Monday, October 14th 2013, 4:02pm

Hi guys,

The situation is that we are testing the translation system. Bulgarian is there to serve as a testing language. I don't know why French is there.

If we make the current translation system (GTranslate) meet all our needs, we are going to start adding all completed translations. Every language coordinator of a language that has completed translations of the website will be contacted.

As far as I know the new TVP website is based on Joomla Social so transaltions might be split by product and content.
Joomla social (product part) is 100% translated into Italian, German, Dutch, Russian and Turkish, jump here for other languages translations updates.

Joomla Social is just the social community feature of the site, but yeah - it's nice to have some translations for its interface.

The "core content" seems to be taken by the old website but no one still compared the two versions.
I hope nobody will start the comparison because I expect a technical approach for this job.

Too late. Already made the comparisons manually. But I will LOVE YOU if you tell me how to do it automatically. (I use currently for such jobs.)

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Monday, October 14th 2013, 4:27pm

hehe. I tought difchecker was already an automatic way to do that. I guess there is still a lot of manual in it. Thanks for being on top of that Lizardman :thumbup:

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Tuesday, October 15th 2013, 1:35am

Super lizardman :seymour:
Too late. Already made the comparisons manually. But I will LOVE YOU if you tell me how to do it automatically. (I use currently for such jobs.)
Next time I will help you :bighug:

Thanks for feedback and for auto-manual work.

Every language coordinator of a language that has completed translations of the website will be contacted.
Italian TVP Webiste translation is 100% completed, we have just 52 minor suggestions to review, I don't know if Diana has been already contacted by you.
I am working as language team coordinator for the italian team, togheter with Diana, so please keep me involved too.

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Tuesday, October 15th 2013, 4:49am

The move from the old TVP site to the new one was a very complex effort, made even more so because the old site was using Joomla 1.5 while the new site is using Joomla 3.1 AND the new site relies on a very different set of plugins, modules and components to display the content.

Before work on that began, it was agreed by the TVP web developers that none of the core content would be changed, so that the existing translations and the material in Pootle would still match. However, with so much content to move into the new site, there are some Copy/Paste issues to fix. For example, I recently reconstructed the FAQ page, which had suffered several major Copy/Paste issues (duplicate entries, a missing question, another with only half of the answer, etc.). Borislav's efforts in comparing the new to the old site contents is leading the way in this effort to bring the new site completely in line with what the content should be, but it is a lengthy process to fix these kinds of issues.

Bottom line:
Please ignore any/all issues that are revealed by anyone's comparisons, since any discrepancies they find are already marked for repair. Bo and I are already handling all aspects of this specific issue and none of it will negatively affect anything for the language teams. ^^

On a separate note: The old TVP core information is long overdue for review against all that has been learned since it was originally put up online. As a result, the content will gradually be reviewed for validity (one page at a time) and brought up to date as needed, both on site as well as in Pootle. This has started with a focus on the FAQ page, which may receive some adjusting in the wording of some of the questions &/or answers. Overall, I suspect most pages will not need any adjusting.
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