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Monday, August 5th 2013, 4:15pm

LTI Portal - English Transcribing: How to Get Started?

Hi fellows! I am sharing here what I'm trying to build as the LTI Portal page specific to introduce to newcomers what is English Transcribing and how they can help with it. The different steps/path described can still change, depending on the developments still in course in the Portal (there is always something else to perfection when we think we are done :D )
Please share your feedback on how easy to understand is the info, if it can be made easier, if something is missing, etc. Everything helps :thumbup:

What is Transcribing about? What to consider? How to get started?

Videos and audios in English are incomprehensible, or only partly comprehensible, by most of the world’s population. The transcription (coding the sound into written English) of those videos and audios is the first step in the process that will allow it to be coded into another language spoken by many millions more.

After that, the transcription will be reviewed by English native speakers before it is in its best accuracy and quality, so that the translators base their translations upon it. That process will flow much better if that concern with quality starts right on the transcription stage. It is important that the transcriber have enough English skills
to provide, with the help of a spellchecker and google search, a faithful transcription of the audio+screen text of the video.The most important focus during the transcription is the building up of the subtitle strings. When deciding where to make the transition point from one string to the next (transition from one chunk of text to the next appearing on screen), we need to consider these 3 guidelines the best we can:
  1. the grammatical structure of the sentences and reading comfort
  2. a minimum of 1.5 seconds of duration of the string appearance, 2 seconds when the string is bigger than 42 characters;
  3. a string length under 70 to 80 characters, so the translators can
    fit their usually longer translations on the same 2 lines of screen
* Do not concern yourself with synchronizing the subtitle strings
with the exact moment when we hear the speech. The timeshifters will do
that later ; )

How to Get Started?

  1. Register on, which is the platform where all language teams collaboratively transcribe, proofread and translate video subtitles. Click here to watch their tutorial on how to transcribe a video.
  2. Go to the Project Management System (PMS),
    use the ‘Status’ column (#4) to check which projects are pending transcription and choose a project that you like. Some projects pending transcription may be partially transcribed and could still use your help.
  3. Check the forum thread (column #6) and post there so the others can know that you are transcribing or about to transcribe that project. Feel free to use this thread for any questions or information you wish to
  4. Return to the PMS, where you can find the transcription location in column #12. You need to sign in with your dotsub account and click on ‘Transcribe Video’.
  5. Listen to the video on the left while transcribing it on the boxes on the right, accordingly to the dotsub tutorial.
  6. When you are done, post again in the forum thread and share all the questions and issues you might have found during the video transcription. Go also to the PMS and click in the “I did it” link in column #7 so this project can be updated to the next stage, ‘Proofreading Round 1’. If, for any reason, you don’t complete the project and just transcribe a part of it, still click “I did it” and post in the forum so others can know their help can still be useful there.
  7. If you enjoyed the video, please share it in your network so this so important information can reach further; Please make reference to the need for English speaking natives to help with transcriptions and proofreading ; )

Remember that there are many other volunteers around to help you in any situations and answer all the questions that might come up. Just post them in the English Department forum section

That is the text. What do you think?
In attachment there is a PrtSc of the PMS so you can better picture the points above
nomada has attached the following image:
  • English - LTI System Manager 2013-08-05 15-09-59.png
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