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Sunday, September 18th 2011, 10:14pm

Added to Pootle: "Zeitgeist Broadcasting Network"

Just added to Pootle:
"Zeitgeist Broadcasting Network" (385 words, total)

To help with the translation & proofreading of this (as with all new projects), you will need to log into Pootle, click on the Settings tab and add it to your project selections. :thumbup:

While you're there, please check to see if you inadvertently selected "English" as one of your language selections or either "French Chapter" &/or "English Proofreading" &/or "Terminology" as chosen projects. "English" (language) & "English Proofreading" (project) are there only for the English Proofreading Team who will eventually be using that area to proofread incoming projects before they are opened for translations, "French Chapter" is only for the French LingTeam to translate from French to English and "Terminology" is an internal Pootle function that is not available for translation. If you have any of these selected and you are not looking to join the English Department or French Team, please deselect those and remember to Save your changes. :lashes:
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