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Monday, July 11th 2011, 2:26am

tool improvements



Iskren said:
Hello everybody,

I did some improvements on the tools I created, so here is the change log :)

**Chrome plugin**: The new version (0.5 -- should be automagically
updated, you don't have to do anything) supports deleting subtitles in
a range, given *exact* start and end times of the first and last
subtitle in the range. The idea is the following:
1. There is a big video to be timeshifted. It is split to multiple
segments to enable better coordination and involvement of more people
2. A person, who wants to timeshift offline downloads the srt file
from dotsub, and timeshifts his chunk in an offline tool.
3. Then the person runs an automated tool to check if all guidelines
are followed (you can use bruno's php tool or my python tool[2]).
4. Then she/he crops the subtitle file so that ONLY the subtitles he
has worked on remain inside [3].
5. The person logs to dotsub and, using the chrome extension deletes
all subtitles that he has worked on. To do that one needs to scroll in
the subtitle table on the right of the video and make sure the range
he/she worked on hasn't been changed in the meanwhile [4] and record
the start time and end time of the first and last subtitle in it.
6. Click the X sign provided by the plugin and enter the start and end
time recorded in step 5, press Delete.
7. Now after the subtitles have been deleted he/she can upload his
cropped subtitle file via dotsub import option.

This will greatly reduce the risk of somebody deleting the work of
somebody else, because everybody should work on a disjoint chunk of
the file.

The link to the chrome store:…ncmgdomfpkacpc#

**Python tool**: Improvements
-- suggest splitting a file in a way, that each chunk is approx 5
minutes long, but also between the chunks there is a slightly bigger
gap between the subtitles (this is to make sure the chunk wont end in
the middle of the sentence). This can be used for [1] (creation of the
spreadsheet containing assignments of chunks to people)
-- specify range of subtitles so the script will only work on that
range. This is useful when somebody wants to check the length of
strings, gaps etc only in his chunk of the file. This can be used for
-- crop the file so that it contains only a specified range of
subtitles. This can be used for [3].

Let me give some examples:

# suggest splitting of a big srt file

$ ./ --split
interval 1: from 00:00:06,500 to 00:02:54,000
interval 2: from 00:05:33,000 to 00:10:39,000
interval 3: from 00:10:40,000 to 00:15:13,427
interval 4: from 00:15:14,300 to 00:20:19,675
interval 5: from 00:20:20,900 to 00:25:29,289
interval 6: from 00:25:30,900 to 00:31:14,918

# fix everything in a certain interval. save the file in place

$ ./timeshift --from 00:30:38,600 --to 00:30:40,891 --gap fix \
--string-length check --duration fix --inplace

# crop the file to contain only the range of subtitles between
# 30 minutes, 38 seconds, 600 milliseconds to 30 minutes, 40 seconds and
# 891 milliseconds. Save the output to

$ ./ --from 00:30:38,600 --to 00:30:40,891 --crop --output \

You can download the script from Make sure you also have installed.

I have a question on point "4. Then she/he crops the subtitle file so that ONLY the subtitles he
has worked on remain inside [3]."

have you tested uploading only part of a str file?


Dotsub said:
Your file could not be imported. It might not be a valid srt or slt file.
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Monday, July 11th 2011, 2:56pm

I have a question on point "4. Then she/he crops the subtitle file so that ONLY the subtitles he
has worked on remain inside [3]."

have you tested uploading only part of a str file?
Yes, I tried multiple times :)

Can you please be more specific by providing a link to the video location (in dotsub) and the file you are trying to upload?
Also, did you crop the file using the python script? Because I just found a small mistake, and fixed it (but it shouldn't be causing the trouble).

From the error message you get I think your srt file is broken, because if your file was ok, then you would get a message like "Line 4 overlaps with another caption", or something similar.

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Wednesday, September 17th 2014, 12:03pm

Yo Dario or whomever!

I have loved this tool from day one, and had used it extensively over the years for many LTI dotsub projects. But now when I'm starting to use it again there's a problem: the little icon simply does not appear in the Chrome address bar to the right like it used to, when I pull up a dotsub piece to work on. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the extension, restarting chrome, even restarting my computer, but the 'X' icon simply does not appear anywhere in Chrome, hence I can't use the tool.

Any ideas? Have you verified the tool works with the latest versions of Chrome?
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