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Friday, September 13th 2013, 12:39pm

"framed" html webpages for using both amara/dotsub (transcription) and google-doc (for annotations) simultaneously


recently with Randi and Lizardman i were experimenting a kind of "tool" that might be useful, and perhaps would be great having it soon available at somehow and somewhere.

since long time i have an account at Altervista (a kind of free webhost, like Tripod or Geocities, without annoying ads, and which we can make our html-based experiences very easily), (and perhaps, btw, would be great if linguisticteam could have a webhost feature available as well?)

like this:

and the html code for this is as simple as:

Source code

<frameset cols="50%,*"><frame src="
"><frame src="

what do you all think? this would be some kind of php-based script that could create a link like this, based on entering 2 weblinks (one with the transcription/translation/proofread, and the other with the annotations)

the idea is having all these annotations in just one place (like as comments on the google-doc), instead of (i think) inefficiently dumping hundreds of questions on the respective LTI forum threads, and getting lost among them

what do you all think?
thanks and cheers! :)

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