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Saturday, October 22nd 2011, 10:43pm

Ling Team proporsal - "to do" list

I explained this proposal some tiem ago. Anyway...

The decision making process should be horizontal (wiki, open source). We must become the change we want to see in the world.
I'm going to show you a video about RBE. This is the script:
Every person would become free to explore new ideas, investigate, suggest things, try new things, be creative, see what is best, free to study and prove new ideas and the ideas of others, ...creating a totally non-centralized system of data gathering. Once the data is gathered, volunteers freely associated, meaning everyone who want to participate can, as much or as little as they want, and whomever they want, can collate the data at global level, finding the best solutions to technical problems and disseminating that information freely to everyone. How this freely associated people take that data and use it is entirely up to them, so this creates a set of worldwide experiments upon more information is gathered, which produces a continuous progress loop. In sort the system can be summed up as the election of ideas using the scientific method to achieve maximum freedom and
sustainability on this planet.”…d&v=3LHqMhfXgzY

This is the proposal:
- Those members who have been in the team for 3 months and have worked in 3 translations and/or proofreadings should have the right to add material to the list of translations and participate in the decisions.
If the material added by a member has nothing to do with TZM, TVP or RBE, the material would be deleted.
*Cris suggests a "like button" so that the number of people (and even who they are) that want something done can be taken into account.
We can even use forms to decide, after a discussion, to decide the material to add to the translations list:…lWHYtWk9IV0E6MQ
And the results would be showed, for example, here:…YtWk9IV0E#gid=1

- Materials proposed by coordinators of TZM and TVP should be added, as long as they have something to do with TZM or TVP organization.

RBE hugs.

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