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Sunday, June 26th 2011, 2:39am

Timestamp Shifters (Syncronicity and harmony into subtitles)

When you are watching a documentary, a lecture or a blog video, ...
Doesn't it bother you that the subtitles show up on the screen way before the speaker opens his mouth? Or that they disappear for a few moments while he is still speaking? ...
Doesn't it distract you from the overall message when a chunk of text disappears before you even finish reading it?... Or when you get surprised with a 3 or 4 line subtitle chunk, which doesn't leave you enough time to appreciate the image in the background while you run your eyes along that huge amount of text?
And when the transition between subtitle
strings (chunks) is made in the middle of the
sentences, and in the most unconventional
points for anyone to have a structured reading
of the content?
Well, unfortunately, these are very common situations on the videos whose subtitles are transcribed voluntarily and posted on the internet. And we have the same concerns to solve in the Linguistic Team.

The Timeshifters Team is the section of the English Department which synchronizes the subtitle strings display time with the speech/sound on the video. This is done while also proofreading the transcriber's work - who created the subtitles - by correcting any disharmony in elements like transitions between strings, or the sentence structure and pauses in speech.

All the parameters concerned here aim at making the video transcription of as universal as possible. That means, suitable for all language teams to use the same structure for their translations. And that implies to consider huge differences in alphabet structures and text lengths for any given content.

If you wish to join the Timeshifters Team, let us know by replying to this thread.
All assistance that you might need with some of the possible software to be used in this task, like and Aegisub , or with the Ling.Team Guidelines , will be gladly and promptly provided :thumbup:

Don't hesitate to ask any questions that you may have. That is what we are here for.
hope to see you soon! :rolleyes:
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Monday, June 27th 2011, 3:33am

Two additional things are worthy of mention here.

The first is that this is a really fun task for anyone who enjoys math problems &/or brain teaser puzzles. That describes me well, so I really wish I had some free time to devote to this group's efforts. :D

The second is that there is no need for members of this team to be native English speaker, although you do need to understand English well enough to understand the text/context that you're working with as you progress.
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