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Tuesday, June 26th 2012, 7:01pm

Translating in a group - what has worked for your team and what hasn't?

I glanced some forum categories and didn't find this topic. If there is a thread about this already, please give a link to it.

I was asked if finnish team could do more group translation projects. I know what kind of group translation methods have worked for us finns before (google docs based method that have been used with PoO and ZMF), and i would like to know what has worked for your team to get a different perspective.

What kind of group translation methods have you used and what kind of experinces you had?
  • Was it more fun than other methods?
  • Was there technological constraints? What kind of technology was in use?
  • How many persons participated simultaniously?
  • Would you consider method a fast one?
  • How good was quality of the translation?

Add whatever you consider useful information. I appreciate all answers :)

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Tuesday, June 26th 2012, 10:48pm

Hi Sarjuva! : )
This seems like a good place for the post, to me.

I am not very experienced in translations, and even less in group. But i heard many comments about it that were very nice. I think the biggest Pros are the collaboration, exchange, feedback, learning, that it stimulates. The most relevant Con is finding a day/time to get together online.

I did some group translations in a group of 2 but we weren't translating exactly at the same time, despite that always connected. 1 Translated, the other proofread, then we made a diff file to see the differences applied and we went through them together, in order to arrive at the best solution for each case. I loved it because it keeps the Pros and diminishes the Cons. We translated and proofread 1 time alone and proofread a 2nd time together.

I hope this helps.
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