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Saturday, December 8th 2012, 11:46pm

Keepass password sharing

After talking to Nomada, there is some info that maybe come handy about password sharing.

Here in Greece, we had a big problem with the code sharing, especially when trolls appeared in our Chapter. Our IT Team devised a strategy that seems to be effective using the tool keepass.

First a person who(From now on Peer A) keeps all the passwords puts them in a database created inside keepass. Then he puts a master password to that database
After he shares that database via some FTP/SSH connection with all other people (from now on Peers) that might change the passwords. They all acquire the same version of the database.
Then with some other means (mainly via voice over Skype or Teamspeak) the Peer A shares the master password with the Peers. They are absolutely responsible to keep that password to a safe place.
The end result is that each one have the same version of the database and be able to open it.
Now if the database is in some FTP Server, then each member which changes a password inside the database and presses the synchronization button, all changes are uploaded to the FTP. Each other Peer when they open their keepass application gets the latest updates, so everyone have the latest passwords.

I think this could be handy. You can create a database for each country, and then share the codes with the country's Coordinator. In that way, when there is no action in one chapter which used to be active, there can be an immediate communication with the members.

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