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Monday, February 4th 2013, 9:02am

Automatized translation from Lojban to multiple languages

Basicly it must work quite neat this way, because Lojban to other language translation should be easy algorithmically. At least it should provide an understandable output translation, mabe would not use the prettiest words, but it would work. Obviusly the source material is first translated to lojban with the help of a human translator, then algorithm translates from lojban to other language (this is needed because the source language can be ambigious so this way because simple translator algos dont know context, would make mistakes, however, this wont occure from lojban to other language translation, because lojban is unambigious language).
They also have an iirc channel. I am also designing a language, currently not much about it. It seems kinda finished, considering grammer. words might be added, its also similar to Lojban, in that it is unambigious, but its a better language and different in quite some ways, so new words needed to be added. But this one only worth it if 300-400 individuals are available 4-5 hours a day translating material from books to this new language.

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