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Friday, February 22nd 2013, 12:46am

How to create a ToDo in the forum?

Hi everyone!
This is Ray, hijacking Rodrigo's first post for this very important topic. (Hijack date: 2015-06-29)
I just recently finished moving through all of the "Open for Translation" project threads, adding all missing information for each of the text-based Pootle projects, as well as all missing dotSUB Repo, LTI YouTube channel Repo, and all possible public global distribution location links (TVP, TZM, etc.) for each of the videos. In most cases, these locations needed to be created before linking to them.

What this means is that:
  1. Members/teams will have a much easier time reviewing projects to help determine which should be brought in next for translating.
  2. The making of ToDos to turn in completed projects just became really, really simple!

A ToDo now has only two things needed from the coordinator turning in the completed item.
Title: [Language] The Title Of The Material That Is Ready For The World
Body: The link to the project's official thread within the "Open For Translation" section of the forum.

That's all there is to it now!
The 'Open for Translations' project thread will give us all of the info needed for us to move your team's hard work into all of the global distributions nodes that currently exist, with the exception of your own upload into your LTI Language Team's own YouTube channel, and any other relevant language-related channels (for example, share all completed TVP video subs with all TVP teams/groups for your language, and share all completed TZM video subs with all TZM Chapters focused on your language).

If anyone has any questions, concerns, etc. about any of this, please don't hesitate to hit me up for clarity (reply to the end of this thread), and I hope this makes the final step of every project much easier for all of the teams. :loveya:
- Ray

Note: All info below has been retained for historical reference (so you can see how much more complex it used to be). ^^

Hi fellows! A short introduction first, before getting to the most important, for all those who are not aware of what is a ToDo:
the ToDos in the forum is the way a language team tells the admin group about a translation that is fully proofread and ready to be added to the global locations where thousands of people pass by everyday and make use of our translations to understand the contents better. These locations where the admin group uploads them are the 'venusprojectmedia', 'TZMOfficial', 'jacque fresco' and 'Linguistic Team International' youtubes, and the websites and PDF creation when referring to a book translation. This communication is crucial if we wish our translations to really make a difference in reaching all those who are searching for these contents in their languages. (to create a ToDo you need to be co-coordinating the efforts of a language team, so you can be the contact person who ells the rest of the Ling.Team that your team's translation is proofread and in the best quality it an get. Ask access to the ToDos, by replying in this thread ; )

I want to share something in which you can be very helpful. As only me and Bruno are taking care of all the ToDos and the uploads and updates that it implies, it can become a long task to process one ToDo when we still have to search for the links; and when multiplied by all teams, we can find ourselves with much more to do than our free time. It is also a meticulous task where errors can have big consequences, if we are tired or sleepy hehe. So my suggestion is that if each ToDo is created already with the links where to get the subtitles and where to upload them, it will make this much easier for us and we will be able to focus on other things too, like our language teams coordination, other admin tasks, the PR Group in my case, etc. So, here is a suggestion for a ToDo structure, and let me know what you think:

TITLE: [Bulgarian] No Utopia (adding your language team name helps a lot, as there are many coords and we can not remember all forum names)

DESCRIPTION (include as much info as you can here.Some examples bellow):
- Working Location Will help us get to the subtitle file without searching for the WL in the wiki. If you remember to close your translation, meaning restrict it/protect it from further editing in dotsub, it will be one less task for us when processing the ToDo). The working locations are where your translation can be found. In dotsub, they are listed n this table, for example: Linguistic Team Media Center/Videos - Linguistic Team International Wiki

- Repository Location Same as fr the Working Location; sometimes these two locations have references to each other in the video description and other times they don't. The repository Locations are where the translation are uploaded and they ae accessible only for download. This way we can safeguard them and make them available at the same time ;) They can also be found in the wiki: Linguistic Team Media Center/Repository - Linguistic Team International Wiki

- Language Team Youtube channel link for that project We will reference this link when we update the Repository Table in the wiki (Linguistic Team Media Center/Repository - Linguistic Team International Wiki) and add it to the LTI YouTube playlist for your language team (Linguistic Team International - YouTube) , which is much better to have the title in your language than for us to use the LTI Youtube link which is in English. Then, when we share your accomplishment on the TZM or TVP global facebooks and other locations, we do it with the link of the playlist and encourage the viewers to embed it to their websites and blogs, so our playlist become a reference to the RBE community in new content in that language)

- Add any links to other locations where this video is uploaded and we have access to upload translations to it. That includes TZMOfficial, thevenusprojectmedia, jacquefresco and LTI channels. These channels have many thousands of views every day and are our main reach to the masses.

Let me know what you think of this and if it can be improved in some way? Would be great if someone wants to help keep the LTI youtube or update the wiki, for example, and so help us split the load :eyeroll:

If you think this might take you long time and effort to accomplish one ToDo, please don't stop doing them as you were before, anyway. But to understand why I am suggesting this, consider that effort of completing the information on one ToDo with having to do it for all ToDos (we have to keep a register or else we can get lost easily :tongue: ) and still remember what is where, what was done and what is still to be done, etc, for all languages and projects.

Lizardman is taking care of the ToDos for Pootle projects, by the way ;)

What do you think of all this?

Any suggestions in how to improve this overall process are very welcome too, of course :thumbup:

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This post has been edited 3 times, last edit by "Ray" (Jun 29th 2015, 10:47pm) with the following reason: Added a very simple, near-complete re-vamp of "How to create a ToDo" ;)

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Friday, February 22nd 2013, 5:19pm

OK, here is a template I suggest that can make the whole thing faster for both the ToDo creators and the admins who carry out the tasks. You can bookmark this post and copy/paste the template whenever you create a ToDo. Then all that's needed is to go to the relevant locations and grab the links.

TITLE: [LanguageName] VideoName


Our translation of this video is completely proofread and finished and is ready to be shared with the world. :)

- Link to the Working Location: (insert link to video here)
- Link to the Repository Location: (insert link to video here)
- Link to your Language Team's Youtube channel for that video: (insert link here)
- Link to original Youtube location for that video: (insert link here)
- Link to LTI Youtube channel for that video: (insert link here)

If you have facebook, please share the completed video translation in the communities that you're part of, including the LTI facebook group.


Here are the places where to grab the links from:
Working Locations:…a_Center/Videos (under 'Translations' tab)
Repository Locations:…nter/Repository
LTI Youtube channel:…iew=0&flow=grid
The original Youtube location is usually linked in the second column of the Working Locations wiki table. These locations are usually the 'venusprojectmedia', 'TZMOfficial' and 'jacque fresco' channels.

The above template should work for most videos, but you can, of course, adjust it to fit a specific situation.

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Monday, April 22nd 2013, 2:16am

Thank you so much for the guidelines. I found it very helpful. You guys are inspirational!
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Friday, June 14th 2013, 3:09pm

When a subtitle translation is completed, besides the upload in the LTI channel, and most importantly, is the upload of the subs into TZMOfficial, thevenusprojectmedia, JacqueFresco or CiD channels. These are the channels that have many many thousands of people passing by everyday. I just wanted to remind this detail since many of the ToDos creators don't seem aware that there is more than just the dotsub repository, the LTI and the language specific channels where to make the uploads o the translations. And if you can add to the ToDos a link to those video locations from those global channels, it will be a big help for me and Bruno when we go through the ToDos and search for the places where to upload each subtitles. These global locations for each video can, usually, be found in the wiki page for the Working Locations, in the 2nd column:…a_Center/Videos

Have fun!! ^^
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Friday, June 14th 2013, 11:05pm

A second template is needed for Pootle items, since the locations, destinations and some of the procedures for handling them vary much from that of videos.
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Monday, March 24th 2014, 10:03am

Folks, I am just trying to get some of the ToDos finished for you all but I have to say that it's very hard with some of them if the correct information isn't given.
This thread explains how to do a ToDo and it would be soooo appreciated if you could all have a look and follow those guidelines. ;)
Believe it or not, it takes quite a while to do all the seemingly little things that are needed and if the person doing them has to look for each link because it's not in the ToDo it becomes highly tedious. ;)
I know some haven't got repo versions or LTI YT copies either, I will try and get to those soon too. I need to confirm with Ray though about which ones etc.
Also, if you ask the LTI to upload translations from Amara, or other dotSUB accounts that aren't the TVP ones, we could well have difficulties such as time stamps not matching etc. This is why we have a specific account to work with!!!
Also, it's no use asking us to upload things that aren't even in the LTI system yet. :D
Thanks :bighug:

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