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Saturday, November 23rd 2013, 8:53pm

2 Tips for Co-Ordinators

fellas. I would like to share 2 things with you, which may be implicit
to some but also very important to remember or consider.

The first is a thread in the forum suggesting a standard template for every new to-do thread, and you can find it here…o-in-the-forum/.
The to-do is a request for publication of a video/text by a team's
co-ordinator after project has been proofread twice. I think that it is
very important to implement this template in order to make the lives of
our fellows easier and the results quicker.

Second but not
least is the LTI's priority list. This list contains everything the LTI
considers fundamental in order to grasp the basic tenets of an RBE (and
the need to get there). I think it is very important for every language
to create first a grassroots understanding of our direction, and then go
on to more "advanced" or "specific" videos/texts, because it may be
tough for people to understand what TVP or TZM if they do not read for
example TVP's Press Kit or TZM's Orientation Guide. Of course, this
orientation towards LTI's priorities can only be initiated and directed
by a team's co-ordinator.

Just some food for thought. Cheers!
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