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Friday, June 6th 2014, 12:19pm

Facebook - how to maximise our efforts?

Facebook is a great advertisement tool, but used alone and in an erroneous way, it doesn't do miracles!

This thread serves to reflect on how we use this platform in order to inspire others, to let people know about our projects and beliefs, a.k.a. The Venus Project/The Zeitgeist Movement, and to let them know a better world is possible. So, I invite you to share your knowledge and experiences, to make this post grow and, consequently, share all of this to more and more people.

One of the first rules I've learned about Facebook, and other social media, is to never give up! That's because, as a media platform, Facebook is based on human relations and interactions. And we don't develop a strong relationship in a month or two, do we?

In the perspective of relations, there are three things we have to take in account: 1) Relevance, 2) Afinity/Interaction/Weight and 3) Time.

1) Relevance

In order for people to look at us, to listen what we have to say, we need to deliver information they care about. An easy way to find this is to look at our older posts, in the statistics page, and see which types of posts have more "likes" or most shared.

2) Afinity/Interaction/Weight

Those are three words to the same happening: is there an interaction between LTI and its followers? Or is it a one-way connection? How much do the reader enjoy our posts? Do they like us and share us a lot? Do they comment?

Interaction is much more important than "likes". When you interact with your public (we will see how to do that further on this thread) the chances are they'll share, comment and like our publications more often. Also, the more the interaction, more publications of the TZM will appear on their wall.

For example, do you wonder why you don't see some of your friends publications (lets say friend A) but a lot of another friend (friend B)? That's because you had a good past interaction with friend B (a lot of likes, shares and comments) but not with friend A. If you want to see more of your friend A publications, you need to start giving it more attention and interact with him/her.

3) Time

Popular posts, the ones with the most relevance + afinity, are the most visible because they spend more time in someone's wall. The more time a post is relevant, the more it will be seen and shared. I'll explain it a little bit better:

As you know, each publication - popular or not - as a life span. That means it can last just one second to several days. If a publication is liked, shared and commented a lot or, in other words, have great relevance and affinity, they'll live for much more time than other that wasn't as successful.

We need to ask ourselves another question: why do people go to Facebook? Or better than that: why our target goes to Facebook? Is it to get informed, to connect with others, or just for fun? And: how can we adapt to their needs?

Even if people go to Facebook to get some knowledge/news, the amount of information they can memorise is limited. We can't forget people are looking through a screen (wether is a computer, a tablet or a smartphone), so their eyes are easily tired as well. Small bits of information, that can entertein them at the same time, is a good solution to keep them on our page. We have to deliver something they enjoy without really thinking of data, but where our values/commitments are still there.

A good thing to do in order to deliver a great variety of subjects is to build a calendar. For example: Mondays for ecology/environment, Tuesdays to technology/innovation, Wednesdays for health/beauty, Fridays for events, etc, etc.

It's also important to constantly analise our statistics (at least once per week). Who visit us? Men or women? From what age and place? At which time?

Being an international page, we'll have to speak to different people, who visit us at different times, with different specific needs, and with a variety of backgrounds. How can we speak to all of them? At which time we should do so? and which content should we deliver at which time?

Earlier on this post I talked about interaction, now I will talk about how can we implement and improve it:

- Make questions: ask for people's opinions, their experiences;
- Use quotes;
- Use images;
- DON'T share lengthy videos - make it to two minutes, if you need to create your own preview or to share a trailer;
- Call to action;
- Use hashtags: it creates awareness and engagement, while increasing visibility;
- Choose a fan/question/article of week;
- Plant seeds;</p>
- Challenge your fans;
- Answer always to the comments;
- Make use of the 80/20 rule (80% of content undirectly related to TZM/RBE community / 20% of explicit content related to TZM/RBE community).

Other tips:

- Write short publications: people can only absorb small amounts of information at each time;</p>
- Never let the "Read more" appear on your posts, people won't click it - they don't know how long the publication will be, and they're afraid it will be too extensive;

More tips, ideas and comments are appreciated. Share your knowledge and experience to make us grow. :) <3

EDIT: I've made this article available for all of you here: Moved Permanently. If you want to improve it, please send me a PM with your e-mail, so I can add you. :)

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Saturday, June 7th 2014, 9:30pm

Hey, niciacruz. Having read what you wrote, I think you will be interested in this post.
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