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Wednesday, October 26th 2011, 9:36pm

Language coordinators meeting this Saturday, 19:00 UTC

Hey everyone,

Please don't forget about our language coords meeting.

The Linguistic Team has A LOT in front of it. A period of restructuring and maybe rethinking how we present our information and keep everyone connected. This is very needed because, as it is now, all too many people are not really (or at all) connected to the global team. And I'm sure everyone here realizes that without a two-way communication flow it is not possible to accomplish what we're here for.

All of this is going to require feedback from everyone (how else can one determine what he/she is doing wrong or very inefficiently?) and, of course, help from people who wish to get more involved.

So, I hope I'll see you all coords in the meeting (members are also very welcome, of course, but there is a possibility you'll get bored to death :P) and to have a very productive time. :)

Meeting time: 19:00 UTC, Saturday, 29th of October.
Meeting place: TZM Teamspeak server => section: Team and Project Meetings => room: Linguistic team

Love and hugs to all :bighug:

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