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Thursday, November 24th 2011, 3:40pm

Moving and deleting threads in these forums

Coordinators are allowed to move threads around or to delete them.

As you might have seen, there's a checkbox on the left of every thread in these forums. Selected threads follow you around, which means that if you select a thread in your "translation team" section and go over to the "Proofreading team" section, the selection you made is still active.

Which brings us to how to move threads. At the bottom of the thread list, you'll see a green menu appear when you've selected a thread. On that menu, you can click on "Move here".

To delete a forum, you'll click on the Delete option on this menu. The catch though, is that when threads are deleted, they are still visible until they're removed from the trash bin. If you want to move it out of sight, there's a forum section that is used as a trash bin. Funny enough, it's called "Trash Bin " !!!

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Saturday, November 26th 2011, 7:20am

Just to be clear on this, please do not delete threads without a really good reason for doing so. Spam, duplicate thread, etc. certainly qualify, but 'completed' threads showing the progress of a now completed translation need to be Moved into your "Published Results" section instead. Deleting perfectly good historical threads will very quickly lead some people to accuse us of lack of transparency, secrets, etc. and we must avoid that as much as possible. :thumbsup:
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