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Sunday, June 3rd 2012, 4:09pm

Embed (hardsub) translations in the videos to reach mobile devices

Hi folks!!
I started to embed subtitles in the videos in the Arabic channel to see if somehow we can reach the viewers that find our videos through their mobile phones. My guess is that the "Audience Retention"- a parameter in the Yoututbe video Statistics that tells which percentage of the viewers actually watched the video until the end or until a specific time in the video - would go up if we hardsub our videos. Why? Because the almost 40% of viewers that find the videos through their mobile phones, probably close them as soon as they see there are no subtitles.

I'll create a playlist in the channel just for these hardsubbed versions of some the same videos that are already in the channel, adding [Arabic subtitled] (in Arabic :D) to the title and "hardsubbed" and "subtitles" or other terms to the tags. I'll let you know the results of this when we have them. It will take a good while for statistics.

If any of you wishes to do the same, I am using Staxmedia to embed the subs in the videos. It was nice to find a tool that works well after so many failures hehe. (

take care
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