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Sunday, October 30th 2011, 11:40pm

Invite buddies to join Teamspeak with just sending them a link to directly log them in

Often We need to quickly post a call for people to join Teamspeak but... How to explain the login process the way everybody can easily understand it ?
The download link to the program is the easy part:, than comes the part where you explain one-to-one to every person how to log into the server.
The settings currently are:
port: 9987
password: tzm

An relatively complete tutorials on the subject can be easily googled to return inputs like this:…/#comment-24624

Of course, in the sublime moment we do not remember that fact, nor the entry on facebook, where we had the link.
The answer is in the Tools/Invite buddy option of the very Teamspeak3 program. Here is a short video on how-to:

To take this screencast I've used the same technique as the described in the previous post
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