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Wednesday, May 21st 2014, 9:26am

New idea! People who can create logos/posters needed.

Hello guys!

One of us recently posted this text on fb:

"We now know that there's a forty year lag between cause and consequence, between cause and effect; a forty year lag between emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere an changing the temperature of the Earth. We also know that we have generated more greenhouse gas emissions in the last 29 years than in the previous 236 years combined; none of that has had an influence on temperatures yet. It's baked into the cake it's locked in the recipe, it's done, the oven is turned on, the cake is in the oven we know how it's going to turn out."

Can anyone "translate" this into an image/logo.

Like the cake process on top, with time (minutes) in each phase. And the "translation" into climate change on the bottom of the image/poster, with time (in years) in each phase aswell.

PS- Not directly related to TVP, is that an issue? If so, could you point me into some forum where I could get help? Thanks :)

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