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Thursday, December 22nd 2011, 8:29am

Hi everyone

My name is Vedran Brnjetić (pronounced as Weddrun Burnyettich), and I am a knowledge addict.
I am 24 and I'm from Croatia.

I joined the translating team for a few reasons. I believe in Venus project and in Zeitgeist movement. It answered a lot of questions in my young head. Second reason is exactly those questions. I love knowledge, when kids in my elementary school were reading comics, I read enciclopediae. When kids played on computers, I was building them(computers, not kids). This will also give me an opportunity to further improve my knowledge of english, and knowledge in many science fields that Venus Project covers, which is pretty much everything ( I'm hoping one day I'll be going from college to college and picking diplomas like the mushrooms in the forest, not that it would matter in a fair world). Last, but not least, it becomes really boring in winters here in Croatia.

Thanks again for giving this world a chance, and me an opportunity.

See ya around.
Vedran Brnjetić

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Thursday, December 22nd 2011, 7:47pm

When kids played on computers, I was building them(computers, not kids).

Nice to have you around, Vedran! Some very nice words you said. I hope that the work you do with the Linguistic team will further help and stimulate you to discover newer ways of thinking and, indeed, whole new worlds. :)

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