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Sunday, December 25th 2011, 12:49pm

CHERYL => An enthusiastic eng-spa translator from Venezuela!

Hi everyone!

My name is Cheryl Coello and since I've recently discovered
the documentary called "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward", and later researched about
Project Venus, I’ve become a HUGE fan of Jacque Fresco and the whole project.
When I read that I could help in my area of competence, translation, I
immediately started with the first piece of work that I've already sent to the International Language Team for proofreading and I attached to this thread. I live in Caracas, Venezuela, and I’m Venezuelan until everything change and I can become simply
an Earth citizen... Great, isn't it? I studied Translation and Conference Interpretation and I got
my university degree as such at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, and because I love translating I really want to
participate in the project as an enthusiastic volunteer translator. For any
other information:

Thank you and let's keep working to end this shit! :thumbsup:
CHERYLIA has attached the following file:

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Sunday, December 25th 2011, 2:14pm

Hi, Cheryl! Some real enthusiasm there! Nice. :)

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Monday, December 26th 2011, 9:20pm

Welcome Cheryl!!! :dance: What a great plus for the Spanish team that you joined to help!!

huge hugs!!!
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