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Friday, January 6th 2012, 12:58am

Hello Earthlings! I come in peace:)

Hello,everyone! My name is Robert and I am from Romania. Recently,I have seen a documentary that can somehow be related to TZM and TVP that is called "Home". Maybe some of you have seen it. It reminded me of TZM and TVP and now,more than ever,I want to help TVP evolve,and therefore,I would like to be a part in an Activism Team. Since here,in Romania,is no Activism Team developed yet,I might get involved in the translation part,translating and proofreading in the romanian language. I am from Timisoara,and recently I heard that there is a small group already formed,but,the thing is that I have moved in Bucharest now,and here is no team yet. I would like to create a team,where we can discuss the Projects,but I don't know where to start from. Any ideeas? I would like to recommand the "Home" Movie,because that movie speaks about the true situation that humanity and human kind is right now! Thank you all for wanting to help changing the world!

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Friday, January 6th 2012, 2:25pm

Hi nightspy :smiley: !! welcome!

Translating is the best activism you can engage at, as I understand it,since it is the biggest lack in structure so we can be able to connect people in this common awareness. Much more people have internet than those who can understand English comfortably, in any of the non English speaking countries.

Marcel ( is the Romanian language team coordinator and so the best person to integrate you in the Romanian team works. I don't hear from him in a while so, if after you send him a message on the forum, or even better in the Romanian team group mail:
(…tion-team?hl=en ) let us know right here on this thread and someone will show you the way ;)

About making a local activism team, I dont know how it works, but try asking on the TVPActivism site:

Nice to have you around : )
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