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Saturday, January 14th 2012, 9:20pm

Felix.A (not the cat)

Hi everyone !

My name is Mark, I'm 20 and I live in France. I came here to complete my french translations of The Venus Project website pages. As I have all the time to do this things and want to help the more that I can, so here I am. Also, I'm writer since two years now. My english level is not bad at all, knowing that I'm someone quite open to the languages.

Cheers !

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Sunday, January 15th 2012, 11:46am

Hey Felix, welcome to the team!

Let's give you a quick tour of the tools we use to either communicate or work within the team:
  • Of course, there's this forum! You can check out the French section which we use to exchange some information about the projects that are currently open for translation
  • We use two web-based tools to carry out our translation work :

  • For an overview on the videos we're working on at any given moment, we're filling out a progress report
  • We usually use Skype to communicate more directly, but email works as well obviously :). You can find my information by clicking on my nick.
  • Also, there's the French team's facebook group and our YouTube channel. We also have a mailing list here.
  • The linguistic team holds bi-weekly meetings on saturdays at 7PM GMT. We use TeamSpeakas our means of communication. You can check the calendar feature in these forums to see when meetings are held.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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Monday, January 16th 2012, 1:46am

Welcome FelixA.!!! Have fun, above all, and share so we can have some too ;)

Way to go Bruno!! what a nice intro!! You make me feel like wanting to join the French team and have a raclette party :tonguer:
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