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Thursday, April 5th 2012, 1:01pm

New Ideas In An Old World

My name is Gert, and I would like to join the team that translate into Afrikaans. I have been following The Venus Project for some time, and it agrees
with my own feelings about the world and money. We do not need money in this world, but you all know that already. Money creates almost every problem that we are facing today in our world. Sharing resources in a fair way, so that all will have enough. I believe the resources in the world belongs to all the people in the world and should be shared likewise, including land. At the end of the day , we are all people living in one world, sharing all that earth over us.
One world, one people living together in harmony, sharing with each other. No borders or VISAS or limitations on moving around. Freedom to live where you want, given the normal limitations. The world can be amazing, if we just make an effort to change it to a system that works, ie resource based economy.
We need to promote this as best we can, and as fast as we can, before it is too late. We should no longer have to be slaves, but free.

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Friday, April 6th 2012, 2:21am

Nice to see you here Gert! thanks for introducing yourself in the forum! It will make everything much more familiar to you in time and maybe even help connect the Afrikaans team ^^ .

Let me know if you need help to start.

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Friday, April 6th 2012, 12:15pm

Hi Gert.

I'm also new to this specific group, but I helped with the coordination and translation for Paradise or Oblivion. Maybe you could reach me by email or facebook?


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Friday, April 6th 2012, 2:38pm

As Nomada said, you guys, don't hesitate to ask questions and sniff around other forums to see how they do it!

This is so exciting, two more members of the Afrikaans team!

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Monday, April 9th 2012, 3:07pm


TRANSITION is the most vital. We must preform it like doctors on a surgical table.
I believe the transition will be painful but it is necessary. Not only the general public needs to be aware of it but also people of all layers of society and people in government because not all of them are bad.
good saying; to get rid of the system we must make it obsolete!

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