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Tuesday, April 24th 2012, 1:10pm

Hello from israel

Hello LTI forum !

My name is Dor I'm from Israel. I'm 20 and I first heard about the Venus Project by a video response to some video I can't recall right now..
Anyway, I'm eager to start propagating the project.
I'm more than happy to join this unique group of people, and want to get in touch with the Hebrew translators team.
I would like know which videos need to be translated to my mother language, and get to work :)

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Tuesday, April 24th 2012, 9:50pm

Hi Dor!! Nice to see you joined the forum already : )

1st, I will suggest that you post on the Hebrew team section, If you scroll down the forum main page or just follow the link here bellow. Elan just arrived recently :thumbsup: To have a team collaborating, even that in different projects at the
same time, is really different from doing it alone. You will be able
to motivate each others by letting them know in what you are
working at or even work at the same time in the same project;
exchange considerations and ask for help on how to best translate
more difficult terms and, most importantly, be able to proofread
each others work. This last part is one of the most importance,
since to be able to have a minimum of quality in the translations
it is important that a different person reviews our translations,
since he/she will catch the errors we missed and even suggest better
translations that we didn't realized. This exchange between the team
members is, in my opinion, the best part in all of this, and the
funniest : )…AA-hebrew-team/

2nd, The videos to be translated are in this section of the forum:…-english-dep-t/

Feel free to choose what pleases you more, register on and start. Simple as that. Once again, let your team mates know about what you are doing.

Here is an important link too. The Repository:…r/Repository/en
In those dotsub Repository locations, different from the Working Locations, is where we store all the fully translated and proofread subtitles, safe from further editing, available for download and where we take them from in order to upload them to the TZM, TVP and Ling.Team Youtube links, make torrents, DVDs, etc.
As you can see there aren't many Hebrew translations there. Not that they weren't done, but they just weren't revised/proofread and we can not be sure of their quality (even if they might have been used or been uploaded to the TZM Israel Youtube) This is our major concern about this language team: there is currently no one who would like to focus into proofreading these translations to the quality they deserve and having them uploaded to the TZM and TVP channels; and that is really a petty since those channels are where most people will find the videos. Let us know if you wish to help with this, please. We are here to support you in all that you need. We are just lacking Hebrew language skills :rolleyes:

Join our meetings, every Saturday at 19:00 UTC time on Team Speak. I am sure you will love the international collaboration there!!
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