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Tuesday, July 31st 2012, 5:22pm

English Dept- How do I start?

Hi everyone!

My name is Arielle and I studied Linguistics. I signed up for proofreading and transcribing during registration. Can anyone tell me how to start?


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Tuesday, July 31st 2012, 9:48pm

Hey there Arielle!! :wave: Nice to have you here!!

1st, register in and share your username with us so we give you access to editing the transcriptions. Dotsub is the tool we use to subtitle the videos.

2nd, Take a look in the English Dept Playground so you have an idea of what there is for transcription and proofreading.

When you share your dotsub username and are ready to start, we will show you a few more things and you will be ready to go :party:

How did you find us? And where are you located?
I am timeshifter in the English team, which means I synchronize subtitles with the sound and adjust them so they can suit the translations as well as the English transcript. I am also Portuguese translator and help coordinate the Arabic team.

Great to have you around!! :thumbup:
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