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Sunday, February 10th 2013, 1:04am


My name is Dom. I am here to translate in tagalog for filipinos. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions in tagalog. Thank you.

Kung kayo po ay merong gustong itanong wag po kayong manghinayang na magtanong sa akin. Salamat Po!

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Sunday, February 10th 2013, 2:15am

Hola Dom!,

Greetings my friend and welcome.

I am new in the forums too. I send my warmest regards from Panama and thank you so much for joining the effort too!:)
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Sunday, February 10th 2013, 9:09am

Hi Dom! I am glad you joined the forum after our email exchange! :thumbsup: From here it is much easier to help you find the links to translate but also to allow for you to stumble on other Tagalog volunteers and collaborate in the translations and proofreading. There were a few Tagalog volunteers contacting us but they didn't post in the forum, so it becomes very hard to know what they are working upon and help them in any way. And that is why I will suggest that you post in the Tagalog forum section just to say "Hi" and whenever you start or finish a translation, so others from the same language team can notice you better and be aware of your efforts ;)…-filipino-team/

What would you like to start with? The Venus Project Website? Brochures? Video subtitles? We have 2 different tools to translate materials, depending on if they are text based or video subtitles. I'll put here a tutorial for each of them so you can start checking them out.
How to translate videos on Dotsub:
How to register and translate in Pootle:

Let us know your preferences so we can help you reach them ;)
And most important of all, have fun in whatever you do ^^

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