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Wednesday, March 13th 2013, 2:45am

New memeber excited to help increase Japanese materials

Hello everyone, I'm Cindy. I've noticed that there is no DVD available in Japanese on the website, so I wanted to find out if there is any work being done to translate any material into Japanese. I'm willing to work on translation and proofreading.

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Wednesday, March 13th 2013, 4:55am

Welcome on board cikasa! It's a pleasure to have you here.

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Wednesday, March 13th 2013, 5:52am

Hi Cindy.
I'm not sure which video you're referencing, but I can tell you that we have not yet had any Japanese volunteers to help develop a team here. This makes you the entire team for now, unless of course you have some other Japanese friends who might like to also get involved with translating & proofreading. Either way, you have our full support and a ton of experience at your disposal here. Just let us know whatever you need. :rose:
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Wednesday, March 13th 2013, 7:37am

Hi Cindy!! Welcome! ^^
I imagine Cindy is talking about Paradise or Oblivion. If that is the case, here is the link. Japanese seems to have been started but is at 1% only.

If you were meaning another video, let us know and I'll help you find it ;)

I saw that you posted in the Japanese section in the forum. Great!! I suggest that you always post there when you are translating something or have any other intention. This way we will soon build up some Japanese movement around here. I can help you with that :kewl:

Lemminkainen seems to be the only Japanese translator who registered in the forum and added the language to the profile.
@Lemminkainen: Hi! Are you around? ^^

Have fun Cindy! Andlet us know whenever you need anything.
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