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Wednesday, April 10th 2013, 10:25pm

Arjen Fortuin to join the War Effort!

Good day, fellow TVP/RBE/TZM advocates!

I'm a Dutch musician (singer/songwriter, guitarist) and IT tinker living in Etten-Leur, the Noord-Brabant region of the Netherlands. After a dark period of calling everyone with a funny face a Freemason or an Annunaki, I coincidentally encountered a video trailer for a documentary called 'Future by Design', 5 years ago. I immediately bought a copy online and had it delivered pirated it from the internet and watched it twice. From that moment on Jacque Fresco triggered a change in my perspective of the world. Since a month or so I've been a part of the TVP Volunteers trying to do as much as I can, and since I still have time on my hands I'm more than happy to help out the poor Dutchies out there that need Dutch translations to the JF lectures. :)
I hope I can get to know some of you, meet some friends, and most of all reinforce the Linguistics team with my English and Dutch linguistic knowledge!

Arjen Fortuin

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Saturday, April 13th 2013, 10:42pm

Hi Arjen,

Nice to meet you. What a nice introduction. :)

Are you already in contact with the Dutch language coordinator? He should be able to help you with getting started.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. :)

See you!

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Sunday, April 14th 2013, 12:28am

Hi Arjen!! Great to see you joining to help :thumbsup:

Here is where we post all the videos with completed English transcriptions and open for translation. Maybe you will find what you are looking for in there ;)…-english-dep-t/

There is a facebook group too, in case you have an account:

Have fun! :party:
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