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Sunday, April 14th 2013, 1:20am

Hello from Oregon

I am excited to start helping with English transcriptions, proofreading, and time-stamp adjustments. I don't have any degrees, but I do, however, have a pretty solid grasp of the English language. My additional skills involve telecommunications and satellite installation, but I'm not so sure how much that will help with LTI. My focus will be on The Venus Project and informing as many people as possible about it.

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Sunday, April 14th 2013, 9:33pm

Congrats to Scooterhooten

Welcome to the English Team, Josh! :fc-bigsmile:

And I'll say you SURELY DO have a grasp on the English language. :thumbsup: I must congratulate you on a perfect score on LTI Punctuation, Grammar, and Cookies. On the English Team Guidelines Practice, you missed only ONE. Goood job! :thumbup:

Wow, wow ! You are a :star: and I would guess that you will do a wonderful job proofreading for LTI. ;)

I'll send you a PM with the correct answer for the one you missed. (Don't wanna give any answers away here, of course! hehehe :tongue: ) Meanwhile, maybe you would like to look over the projects ready for proofreading on Wiki. I would suggest something in Round 1 (PR1) for a first go of it! And, if you pick one, be sure to post your intentions on the Forum Thread that you plan to work on it. This will prevent others from stepping on your toes.

Also, if you give me a heads-up (in the PM?), I'll grab the file and take a close look at any changes you made, to offer feedback. Whatcha think?

Meanwhile, BOY I'm so glad you found your way to us from Oregon!
((BIG hugs)) from me,
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