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Monday, April 22nd 2013, 10:09am

Middle East Arabic Social Media

I can translate social posts (Facebook status updates, Twitter tweets, etc).

I can help out design an Arabic content calendar for social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Can manage Facebook and Twitter pages in Arabic.

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Monday, April 22nd 2013, 7:39pm

Hi Taleb! Nice to see you joined the forum and found your way to post here :)

Here in the Linguistic Team, we try to provide all the materials in as many languages as possible. The Venus Project website was translated to Arabic but only some parts were proofread and published in the website. There is the Press Kit, Posters, books and many videos to translate and/or proofread the translations already done by other volunteers. If you wish to help with any of these, it is very simple to start since there are online platforms for translation where all the contents are uploaded already and anyone just has to register in order to start.

Check the Arabic section in this forum where there are some volunteers translating to Arabic and some projects that you can join. We can help you from there too ;)…A9-arabic-team/

Through the TVP Activism Teams, I believe you can help very much like Tarek is doing in Egypt, for example, with facebook, twitter, etc:

Let us know anything you need and we will be gald to help you find it ^^
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