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Monday, April 29th 2013, 8:14am

Introduction Bramos

Hello everybody,

thanks for stopping by. ;)

My name is Benjamin aka. Bramos, im 26 y.o. and am currently living in Denmark.

I am born in Germany and have lots of family in Germany. I have been living in Denmark for 18 years (or so).

I concider myself beeing capable of using danish, german and english and would love to help with some translations.

I have earned some "pocketmoney" for years by translating and writing documents, so even though I dont have an official education, I have years of experience.

Ask away if you want to know anything.

- Bramos

P.S. I want to help translating TVP, but cant figure out how to submit any of it. ^^

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Monday, April 29th 2013, 9:42am

Nice surprise to have you here!! :)
I am sure you will be of great help. The Danish forum section seems to not be used, even though there are some translation initiatives going on. I suggest you start posting there and we will try to grow a team here. What do you say?…sk-danish-team/

ooh, and for German, let them know here:…ch-german-team/?

So, ...
- if you wish to translate videos, you need a account (check this tutorial )
- for website, books and other text translations, you need to register in Pootle (check tutorial here )
- in
this forum section, called "Open For Translations" , you have several
sub-sections one for each category (videos, text, images) and inside
them there is 1 thread per project where you find the translation
location. You can copy this info to a new thread in the Danish forum so
in the future we will know what is done/being done already ;)

Just ask anything you need and let us know if you have questions about all this info?

Have fun!
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Tuesday, April 30th 2013, 3:45pm

Hi Bramos

If you are interested in translating/proofreading German related stuff and have a fb account you can join this group here:

Here is the international group:

And TZM and TVP are pretty much split into different areas within Germany/German-speaking area. So if you have any more questions, send me a pm. :)

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