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Sunday, June 9th 2013, 2:19pm

tHEjESTER, Poland - reIntroducing myself

Hi there fellow Translators, Transcribers and Transistionist to the better world ^_=

I have already introduced myself somewhere on this Forum. It was ages ago though so I reckon I would be nice to do it once again for all who may not have met me =o)

I got involved with TZM about 4 years ago. Soon after I became a quasi-national coordinator for Poland and soon after a coordinator for the Polish LingTeam. I did that for about two years with the usual ups and downs. The biggest project I took part in was the Zeitgeist:Moving Forward CrazyTranslatothlon. It was a great success, especially that we managed to pull in an unusually large number of volunteers.
In 2011 I embarked on the biggest journey yet strictly connected with TZM. Together with my girlfriend we set up a website and asked European TZM Activists to help us by hosting us and allowing us to interview them and film their activism efforts. It was a great success again and we managed to visit 16 countries and cover 14,500 kilometers mostly via hitchhiking, sleeping over at Zeitgeisters' homes and basically living on a very limited budget.
Out of this came ~200 hours of video footage ... and nothing else... sadly the project overwhelmed me and I was unable to finalise it. Now, after a long break I got to it again and I am motivated to finish what we have started! But to do that I will need your help, and I don't mean a general "you" I mean You! =o)
Please visit this thread and you will know everything you need to take part in producing a travel documentary about the Zeitgeist Movement in Europe! LINK:

(NOT DotSub) Zeitgeist:The European Way documentary initial translation - YOUR HELP NEEDED!

Cheers to you all!
Jasiek aka tHEjESTER
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Monday, June 10th 2013, 3:57pm


Nice to meet you again. :)

I hope you'll finally be able to finish this massive project. :)

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