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Thursday, July 18th 2013, 5:21pm

Hello from Bulgaria

Hello, friends. My name is Miroslav, I'm 23 and I'm part of the Bulgarian linguistic team. I started with translating the whole documentary TROM and then Lizardman contacted me to join the linguistic team. Now I'm working more on the proofreading of the videos, but I've translated many lectures before. I'm trying to help the movement to spread this information for around two years, but so far the development is not very significant and sometimes I'm very dissapointed with that. I really enjoy wathcing documentaries, doing sports, reading books from Jacque Fresco and all the other great names like Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku, Alan Watts and all the others like them who made contribution for our knowledge and modern civilization.
I'm very glad to join the family and really would like to help ocurring this transition.

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Thursday, July 18th 2013, 5:25pm

Hello Miroslav. You found a great place to start the translation journey (TROM). Welcome to the family! I think you will be surprised to find how big the RBE community is!
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Friday, July 19th 2013, 11:27am

Hi Miroslav!! welcome!! Feels great to know that you are there applying so much effort onto making these infos available in Bulgarian! That is the first step. Then we finaly can spread them and be sure people in Bulgaria can understand them ; )

have fun!!
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