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Friday, July 26th 2013, 9:02am

Lots of love from SLOVEenia ♥

Hello, everyone!

My given name is Edita, but my closest friends all reffer to me as Eia (EIA) or Ela. Since I feel we're going in the same direction, hope you'll do the same. :)
I was born in the beautiful Slovenian town Maribor, but am currenly living in the capital city Ljubljana. Since I can remember I had a vision of a better future and great love for the English language, so when I first saw Jacques' future city design in like 2006 (or was it 2008?) it just made me go: 'HOOOOMEEEE! I want to be there when it happens.'
So, since then I've been nagging about it to everyone that had the slightest idea or interest of what I was talking about. And finally, thanks to Mitja, Klemen and Sašo I've finally joined up to the Slovenian LT. Thanks guys for lending me a hand. ♥
What else?

Currently I am unemployed, as I always wanted to be a great leader, but lack the expirience, so in september I'm planning to open my own business as a personal growth motivator, consciousness researcher and masseuse. (At least that's in my heart and mind, but who knows what the reality will bring me. I might end up as a gardner or something entirely else.)

So ... I'm really honored to be working in such an open-minded international community. Thank you for accepting me and all the help provided 'till now and in future.
Much love for all,
from beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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Friday, July 26th 2013, 2:04pm

Hello EIA!! Really great to have you joining the forum!! :thumbsup: There are many other volunteers around to give you a hand, language team sections for communicating with each others on the progress of our translations, a Help Desk which you already found :D , Meetings (every 2 weeks on Team Speak), etc. And a facebook Group , in case you have FB and want to join ;)

Oh, and here are the translation locations for either video subtitles (dotsub), text materials (Pootle) or images:…-english-dep-t/

Just ask anything you need! Will be a pleasure to guide you :party:

Hey! I love to focus on my personal growth too, and ended up being a gardner recently :D It is focused on vegetables and providing food for the house, but I consider myself a gardener than a farmer, since I mix flowers with vegetables for the sustainability of all, and never killed a scarab or a snail yet :eyeroll:
super hugs!
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Friday, July 26th 2013, 4:32pm

Hello & welcome, Eia :wave:

What a wonderful, wonderful spirit you have! I'm sure you will love it here with LTI.

My name is Di and I coordinate the English Team with sweet Nomada, who has never killed a snail yet. So, I believe we are ALL safe working with him. :giggle:

If you ever need any help from the English Team, just give us a holla. I hope to see you at the Global Mtg.

Much love & hugs from me,
Di :bighug:
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