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Sunday, September 22nd 2013, 4:02pm

New member, came to give a helping hand.

Good day chaps, my name's Valeriu Crainic and after a long time being a fan of The Venus Project and Zeitgeist, I decided to join in to this place, to assist in making the information available to people.
Quick introduction to me:
I'm currently 19 years old, awaiting entry in a university, by profession I became a day trader due to simply not being able to put up with the servitude of the current system of get a loan -> get a degree -> work to pay off debts and living costs. I'm quite new to the profession itself, but I've been studying both stocks and currency for 3 years, awaiting this moment to go live trading.
I was originally born in Romania but I spent 3 years living in UK and then in UAE. I was bilingual since the age of 1 1/2, capable of both speaking English and Romanian since then. Current location is still UAE and next one is either Canada, that's if I get into university, or back to Romania to further focus on my day trading. Why I picked probably the most hated type of work is because, even as Peter Joseph said, "it's work where you are your own boss", signifying doing work when you want, where you want, at the same time being one of the increasingly few ways to be free: free from a boss, free from having to commute to work, free to work when you want, free to decide by yourself what you want to do etc. The roots of this was that where I live now, I have the educational standards of a English-speaking native, but not the citizenship of one, and still experiencing this covert racism in the job market, starting from not being able to find a job, to not being at the same level when I got paid to work. Besides this, the cultural shock still hasn't dissipated, since you cannot compare the aspects of the society in UAE with any other country in the world; there are some things that feel a wee bit off from time to time, plus social stigma that is omnipresent.

I salute the rest of the community, you're doing a great job and hoping to see more from everyone in the future.
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Sunday, September 22nd 2013, 5:19pm

Hi Valeriu! Great to have you here! :thumbsup:
Impressive text you wrote there! Looking forward to meet you in live one day ^^ What a working hero and with only your age.
I also think you will do better being your own boss. And do you have a spare time to translate to Romanian? That would be great! There are a few Romanian folks translating all sorts of things: TVP website, The Best That Monay Can't Buy book, videos etc. Get connected with them in the Romanian forum section:…-romanian-team/

You can also connect through the FB group, if you have an acocunt:

Let me know what you would like to start with and I'll share the links you need (depending if it is a book, website page, video). It is all done online in very simple platforms to use. Register in them and you are half way to start :thumbup:

Hope you have fun around here :D
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