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Wednesday, November 6th 2013, 4:47pm

Hi, I'm New!

A couple months ago I joined TVP's Online Community to start taking more of an initiative in learning about TVP. I quickly realized how little I knew about TVP and wanted to learn as much as I could. Via the Online Community I read that LTI was in need of volunteers and how it was another way to learn about TVP/RBE while simultaneously helping to spread information. Perfect! I'm currently taking the TVP Foundation Course as well and feel more confident about TVP and the realization of an RBE one day.

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Wednesday, November 6th 2013, 5:48pm

Hi Lisa,

You are not mistaken - this is indeed a great way to enhance your learning and do some very important work at the same time. :)

As I can see from your profile information, you are probably looking to join the English team? If this is so, then Di Anna is the person to seek contact with.

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Wednesday, November 6th 2013, 6:44pm

Welcome, Lisa. Hey, you can probably never learn enough. That's the beauty of knowledge :)
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