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Tuesday, May 13th 2014, 2:12pm

From Borneo, may RBE sprout and grow for everyone.


........and I am alone here, there are some Indonesian Language speaker, but I am the first for Malay Language.

Anyway, I gladly to contribute anything that I could. Maybe small help, but nevertheless I want to help.

I am experimenting aquaponics, and click here if you interested.

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Wednesday, May 14th 2014, 8:51am

Hey, buddy. Welcome on board. What language exactly are you referring to? Are you talking about Malayalam? If so, there is a related section here. You can find the forum section of the Malayalam team by scrolling down the Forum's main page. If this is the team you are looking for, go in the Translations Team folder and introduce yourself so that someone helps you get started. If you get no responses, just contact me and we 'll get down on it.
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  • "ikhy_one" started this thread

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Friday, May 16th 2014, 8:15am

No, it is not Malayalam. It is Malaysian/ Malay language. It basically came from the same root of language, but it is different. It is more similar to Indonesian language. I hope there will be someone else to join me.

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Friday, May 16th 2014, 8:38am

Hi ikhy_one.

It's always great to try the concepts out for yourself. I looked into your blog. You got a fan here in Germany now. :)
Maybe the Windowfarms Project is also interesting for you: YouTube

Regarding your language, @Ray: has to create a forum section for your language I guess. He is informed and will probably show up soon. Great to have you on board.

To get started: You can find projects that are open for translation in this section:…or-translation/
To get an idea for the exact working procedures it might be helpful if you get in touch with the Malayalam team and use the same working processes as they do, even if your language is a bit different. You probably have to start the language team for your language yourself, but keep in mind that you already start establishing procedures where it is easy to get involved for other people that come here after you. In my experience new people of your language will join you if they see that you are very active and if you ask for help via Facebook or other social media tools.
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Friday, May 16th 2014, 1:46pm

Welcome, @ikhy_one:!
I'm so glad to see Malay represented here. I created a Malay section a while ago, but eventually hid it from view when it went unused for more than a year. I just un-hid it, so you now have a 'home' to play in (and invite others into).…ayu-malay-team/

On another positive note, you are not the only Bahasa Melayu speaker. We have two other Malay translators who are currently focusing on translating Jacque Fresco's book The Best That Money Can't Buy. They are not yet aware of the forum, but will soon be invited to join you. ^^

LTI focuses on collaborative teams, usually with at least one person handling coordination tasks. as well as team 'connection' with the rest of LTI and the world. As you can easily imagine, we have not yet had someone volunteer for that role for the Malay Team. My hope is that you (and perhaps one or both of the ladies translating the book) will encourage more Malay speakers to come and help translate important RBE materials into your language and such a team will emerge from that effort. Also, since there is no dedicated team coordinator at the moment, I will initially serve in that role for you folks.

@ossi11111: has already provided some initial guidance on how to get started, but please feel completely free to PM me whenever you come up with any questions, concerns, confusions, suggestions, etc.. If you have Skype, you can add me (gmanzm) there for even faster response times. LTI provides a ton of global production and distribution support for all teams and individuals, so please pick our brains AND our experience on anything and everything. We are completely at your service, my friend. :thumbsup:

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  • "ikhy_one" started this thread

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Saturday, May 17th 2014, 9:15am

thank you very much, look forward to work with everyone :)

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