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Thursday, October 23rd 2014, 10:42pm

Enthusiastic translator wishes to join the Romanian translation/proofreading team

Hello, I'm a fellow citizen of this earth (currently living in what's now referred to as Romania) and I would want to join the Romanian translation and proofreading team. I speak english and romanian natively, and I know a tad bit of japanese and french too (but not enough to warrant my ability to properly translate to these languages).
I would mostly want to translate the TZM/TVP related videos on DotSub, as I have already translated some of the text for the local chapter site. (FAQ, Structure)
Perhaps later on if I would have the time, I would want to translate the whole orientation guide in Romanian

I often post in the TZM subreddit under the username andoruB.

My interests vary from IT, technology and how it can make our society more efficient, old videogames, video editing and studying/listening (to) music, among others.

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Monday, October 27th 2014, 10:12am

Hello, mate. Welcome on board! if you scroll down the main forum page, there is a place called "Language Playgrounds". This magical place is where all the teams' forums can be found. If you scroll down enough, you will find the Romanian Team's forum. As you can see, there are folders for Translation and Proofreading. There you will find some projects to work on Dotsub probably.

When we want to engage in a project, we usually submit it to the related thread so that others know that this project is in progress. This way there is only one person working on a project at a time, so there is no double-work. Also, it would be good to submit it when you have finished translation or proofreading of a project so that others are aware of it.

For anything else, feel free to ask in the Help Desk of this forum. The only dumb questions are the ones we never ask.

Signature from »Christos Pap.« To come to the meetings, install teamspeak from HERE and then press HERE to be transferred directly, and look for the "Linguistic Team" Channel.

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