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Friday, November 21st 2014, 3:26pm

Hi from France


I'm from France and I'm interested in TVP and I'd like to contribute to it by translating documents into french. I'm new and don't know where to go, how the translation stuff works etc. Thank you for helping me.

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Friday, November 21st 2014, 9:03pm

Hello, Muhammed TVP

How nice to meet you! I want to welcome you to LTI! My name is Di, and I work with the English Team. I'm sure you'll hear from @brunodc soon. He coordinates the French Team, and does many other tasks, as well.

Meanwhile, have a look around the Forum. Make yourself at home. And be sure to complete your profile information, so we can know more about you. If you haven't seen THIS tutorial about LTI, it's a good introduction.

Welcome to the Team! :fc-happy:
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Saturday, November 22nd 2014, 6:32am

Hello Muhammed, welcome to the linguistic team!

Our process is pretty straightforward, people check out the videos and documents that we have up for translation. You can do that either here in the forum (see French section), where you can just post "I'll translate/proofread this project" and off you go, or you can visit our facebook group and talk to us there, telling us what you'd like to translate.

We have 3 rounds in our translation process:
- The translation itself, from a blank page,
- The "Bilingual proofreading", where we proofread the translation, making sure that the meaning is conveyed,
- A "French proofreading", where the focus is more on the fluency of the end result in French, making sure that the translation isn't too awkward, that it's easy to read.

That's about it, we also publish our translated videos in the Youtube channel.

If you have any questions, again, you can go to facebook, ask them in English right here, or in French in our "questions" forum.

Make yourself at home! :drinks:

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