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Monday, November 24th 2014, 10:35am

If you ain't Dutch...

Good morning everyone!

My name is Oscar Dijkstra,
I come from & live in the Netherlands. I study Biology & Medical Laboratory Research at the university of Leiden and I'm doing my internship at the moment at the Dutch Institute of Sea Research on Texel. Here i study the algae and ligands (iron binding molecules) and the function of these things. My specialization is Microbiology.

I've known about TVP for some time now. I forgot how I found it but ever since I did I've been interested and willing to do something to support it (besides spreading the word). This means I wish to join the Dutch translation team and hope to get as much translated in the time I have besides my internship. I've been talking English since I've started playing videogames so in a short guess that would be at least 12 years now. I make some grammar mistakes every now and then but that only happens when I'm typing in a hurry ;)

I'm hoping to get started soon and if you guys have any questions, ask away!

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Sunday, January 18th 2015, 2:50pm

Greetings Oscar! My name is David aka Mr_B. Please forgive our tardy reply, this one seems to have slipped thru the cracks!

The Dutch translation forum is here:…nds-dutch-team/

What I suggest you do next is to post a greeting in a new thread there as well, and the Dutch coord should reply back to you for some basic orientation and the current priorities. I also see a specific thread for new arrivals here:…ew-translators/

If you do not receive a timely response, reply back to me. Thanks!
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