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Monday, November 24th 2014, 4:10pm

Polish native speaker ready to donate his time and skills.

Hello Everybody!

My name is Bartlomiej and I'm a native Polish speaker. I've been living in Chicago since 2006 so I had some time to practice my English skills. My search for alternative solutions for current world order began couple of years ago when I found out that so called "modern medicine" is a total money driven scam. Simply said - they work only on surpassing symptoms, and not on real solutions (cures) cause that would make them loose their job/business. I've been very stubborn and persistent in searching for knowledge. I found out some information about Jacque Fresco's project in the movie "Zeitgeist". A lot of things Jacque said in "Zeitgeist" made total sense to me and I wanted to know more about his project. I watched many of Jacque's movies and I even visited him in Venus, Florida this November (2014) during my honeymoon trip. I know that The Venus Project is the answer to most of today's world problems and a really smart solution worth to be pursued.
At this moment I would like to appeal to everybody who is reading those words. Jacque and Roxanne are noble geniuses of current times. They try to make world a better place but they struggle so much. They need all and any help that we are able to provide to them. Together we can fix the world! This is why I'm willing to donate my time and effort to help in translations. Please let me know how to start and I will do my best to help TVP.

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Tuesday, November 25th 2014, 9:45am

Hej and welcome to the forums! :)
Amazing that you've met Jacque himself, i'm quiet jealous hehe. I think that you can start off with (if you haven't already) finding the Polish team subforum here. I haven't started myself yet so beyond that I can't help ;) good luck and welcome aboard!
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