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Monday, August 1st 2011, 8:46am

Hello, my name is Chris Priftis.

I would love to help out with transcriptions and proofreading. Let me know what I can get started on.

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Monday, August 1st 2011, 9:58am

Hello Christopher, nice to have you with us !!

First things first, here are some pieces of information that'll help you get comfortable with our process :

  • We have a set of guidelines on the wiki regarding the transcription of our videos: these are super important for us, because respecting the guidelines means that the job gets done super fast with the best quality we can achieve at the present time.

  • Check out the list of videos up for transcription (English Transcription tab) or for proofreading (English Proofreading & Timestamp Adjustment tab)

As soon as you've read those elements carefully, all you have to do is to pick a video to transcribe/proofread and post a response in the relevant thread of the English Team forum to let us know that you began to work on the project and we'll update the wiki for you.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

P.S : grab a cookie, will ya?

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Saturday, September 3rd 2011, 2:04pm

Hi Christopher!
You wrote me that you finished a transcription? Can you post on the forum thread from that project that it is done?
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Saturday, September 3rd 2011, 2:19pm

a new transcriber is coming..

Hello everyone,

call me Rakosnicek, fairy tale character who always figure out how to get around with things; I would love to help with transcriptions/translations/time shifting....
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