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Monday, March 23rd 2015, 12:51am

new member

I'm a 30-year-old male from Minnesota, USA. My native language is English and many of my family members are or were English teachers and prescriptivists, so I speak English better than most Americans do. I'm also fluent in Spanish and was a camp counselor at a Spanish immersion camp, although that was almost twelve (12) years ago so my Spanish is a bit rusty at times. I can also hold a limited conversation in Hindi, French, German, and Portuguese. I know a little bit of Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Urdu, Sanskrit, and Hawaiian.

Thanks for making this forum!

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Monday, March 23rd 2015, 7:36pm

Welcome to the community!

Hello, cjibhstcszjb :wave:

My name is Di, and I am a Final Reviewer for LTI. My first question for you is "How do I pronounce your name?" Can I call you CJ for short? :giggle: My second question is "Wow! With all those language skills, you can do whatever you want to do in LTI, so what you would like to do?" My hopes are that you'll decide to help us out with English proofreading. We need lots of help. There's many projects waiting for workers.

I would suggest beginning slowly. The LTI Forum is BIG, and it would be a good idea just to look around and 'get a feel of the place' for a while. Much of what I do for TZM and TVP is proofreading video subtitles, and if that's your interest, I'll be happy to help you in that area. I'm a retired teacher and librarian. I taught English for as long as you are old, so feel free to call me 'mom' :giggle:

When you look around the forum, there are several areas you can go to get acclimated, starting with the LTI Guidlelines HERE. If you are browsing the Active Projects, we often suggest beginning with stage 1 or 2 of proofreading (PR1 or PR2). But before you can do that, you will need an account on, which is the tool we use to proofread and edit video subtitles. When you setup an account on, let me know your username and I'll add you to the English proofreading group of ninjas.

Meanwhile, just take your time getting used to the Forum, the English Guidelines,, and the wonderful community of believers who live here. I'm sure that @Mr_B: will pop in to say 'hello' and welcome you as well. He has many talents and he's too old to call me 'mom'. He calls me Lady Di. Maybe I could be 'auntie' to @Mr_B: :giggle:

Don't hesitate to ask questions and post on the forum!

We're very glad that you are here! Look around the place, and most importantly, have fun!

:bighug: Di or Lady Di or Mom
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Monday, March 23rd 2015, 10:12pm

Welcome CJ!
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