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Monday, September 14th 2015, 8:11pm

Jan, phonetician, Czech Republic

Hey all,
I ve been having countless discussions with various people on the subject of money and society... and today I found VP and felt really positive about the ideas.

I was educated at the Charles University in Prague. MA in Phonetics and English studies, specialisation second language acquisition (namely phonetics, word accent in particular) I also played a bit with speech analysis. My scientific skills are a bit rusty for sure, I started working in sport fishing industry after studies and havent touched much science since...

I feel that working in the common good is the only way and science and technology are the hope for mankind. I have time to spare and I think I can help with translations to Czech and scientific projects involving phonetics. I was also a language teacher for 7 years. I speak English, street French and native speaker of Czech.

My work brings me to various places around Europe, that could help too. I own a shop that sells fishing kayaks... but would prefer to give them away for people to enjoy if it were possible.

I also posted in the Czech translation team forum.

so that is about it... if you want to reach me I am best available on email or on facebook... my work environment ;)


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Friday, September 18th 2015, 1:49am

Greetings Jan! and welcome to the family.

You did right by posting in the Czech group as well; I assume someone has greeted you there by now also.

PS: Love your Zoldberg avatar LOL! Long live Futurama!


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