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Sunday, November 29th 2015, 7:43pm

Francesco from Italy

hi everybody,
I am Francesco from Italy, i discovered TVP watching the movie zeitgeist a few years ago and it made a lot of sense to me.
I also went to see the research centre in Venus on 2014 and it was inspiring talking to jaque and Roxanne!

so here i can translate from english to italian if needed, my english is not perfect but usable since i spent 2 years in the States.

thank you guys


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Monday, November 30th 2015, 12:38pm

Hello Francesco and Welcome.

In the LTI is always the need for more help ;)

You can go here…o-italian-team/ to check out what the Italian team needs.
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Monday, November 30th 2015, 3:46pm

Ciao Francesco, benvenuto.

In questo link trovi le informazioni di base per muoverti nel forum.
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Dopo che le avrai lette, contattami pure se hai domande..
ciao a presto.

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Wednesday, December 2nd 2015, 4:42am

Greetings Francisco! - and welcome to the family.


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